The project is the implementation of electrical feed for 569 residential buildings of total (10,380) residential units with an area of (360) m2 in Al-Andalus district of the city on the 10th of Ramadan, with 33 plots of land area (1080) m2, in addition to the buildings of service for the project (mosques - markets - clubs - schools).

One of our turnkey solutions merged between lighting and electromechanical solutions, where 2 transformers and 79 electric kiosks were installed. When kiosks were fed and connected to a network of total length 30,000 m and fed the panels of low voltage, for building and services areas with a number of total length 70,000 linear meters. 

The public lighting network of roads was implemented with poles of height 8 m, single or double powered with wattage 105 W. 

The network of lighting is with a total length of 75,000 m , in addition to the work of landscape, which contains decorative poles with height 5 m and 55 W.