Motawreen in Tenth of Ramadan

The project contains a number of (23) cell distributors with an area of (1200) square meters for each distributor model, each distributor contains (21) cells fed by sector cables (3*400) mm2

It contains a number of (60) electric booths containing  a 1000 K.F.A. Oil adapter, a loop band, a low voltage panel and a number (46) an electrical booth containing a  500-capacity oil adapter (500 K.F.A) , a loop band and a low voltage panel.

The kiosks were fed and connected to a strip cable network (3*240) mm2 with a total length (130,000) longitudinal meters where the kiosks feed the plots and plates of low voltage distribution boxes for plots and complex areas industrial with (643) low voltage distribution box, two different models are identified by a low-voltage cable network sector (3*240+120) mm2 with a total length of (82,000) longitudinal meters  Strip cables (3*120+70) mm2 with a total length (16,000) longitudinal meters.

The general lighting network of roads was implemented with columns of height (8) meters with one arm and two arms and martin lighting luminaire model Martin 105W produced by El Nassera Group company with a number of columns (3613) and a number of (5800) lights to light the streets of Lid and a network of cables lighting sector (4*25) mm2 in total (180,000 meters) length.