Rood- El-Farag Bridge

For the Guinness World Records certified as the widest cable-stayed bridge in the world, On its suspension cables which are almost 8 km length, Dot light system with 50,000 RGB dots, have been supplied & installed making the cables as an advertisement screen along the bridge with a height of almost 90m from the deck in 4 months.

Using two main controllers and 40 slaves, more than 30 programs have been designed & programmed. Photos, texts or motion graphics videos can be applied on it. There is also a capability of making it work automatically by putting a crime where it should be.

Voltana 5 of shredder has been installed as a street lighting luminaire. 

Additionally, lighting pollards have been put along the bridge with Zeus lighting spot of El-Nassera & LED strip. With the aid of RGBW OmniBlast flood light of Shredder, all towers and its bases, tie beams between them & the deck have been illuminated with the same color of the advertisement on the cables.