Smart Cities solutions

- Cities are changing rapidly—growing in size and density, creating more waste, and using more resources. To solve the problems these pressures create, city governments need to   think different. Enter smart cities—cities that use 21st century thinking and technology to   enable a better quality of life for their citizens.

- El Nassera believes that the smart cities will be able to make use of technology and data to improve its infrastructure and enhance its services. Thereby effectively improving the quality of life, creating more employment and increasing income for all.
Smart city is not a trend… is necessary.

- The smart pole could be seen as a revolution in the street pole industry and enhance smart city concept; it is fully customized   integrated lighting system that connects information and communication technology between multiple parties through   the use of real-time systems, data, and sensors.

- Smart pole can help cities in monitoring the environment, reducing power consumption, allowing a high level of security, increasing public- and traffic-safety, to upgrade connectivity as Wi-Fi hotspots or to deliver location-based services like smart parking and smart navigation.

- Some added values of El Nassera solutions:

1- Huge reduction of energy and maintenance cost through intelligent dimming system of lighting.

2- Increased public safety from improved lighting.

3- High level of security.

4- Safer traffic due to increased visibility of hazards.

5- Measurable environmental impact due to reduced energy consumption.

6- Charging facility for electric vehicles through EV Charging Points will encourage the use of electric vehicle which will help to reduce carbon footprint.

7- Digital advertising panels across the city through smart billboards will keep the city residents updated with city information and provide the platform to the corporates for promotion.

8- Mobile application for citizen services will help the citizens stay always connected.